Monday, 6 January 2014

The Pye Book Of Audio (Daily Mirror Books, 1973)

Vinyl nostalgia, yes. Hi-fi porn. Who wouldn't want the 'desk for the man who has everything'?

It's impossible to see the cover and not think of...

...naturally. I think the cover is wonderful; a perfect example of great 70s graphic design. Some of us lived there. I still own the very first speakers I bought in 1976. They're a pair of Wharfdales, so sturdy that they easily hold bookshelf overspill. Such names as John F. Szwed, Philip Larkin, Simon Reynolds and David Toop sit above sounds which they've often written about.

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  1. I am not going to say "The Golden Age of Design" also I am not going to say that "This period has an everlasting quality" I never said that When at College studying Graphic design, there was no Computers, just a Special Ruler with " "Pica Points" etc. I would like to say that I fucking adore this style. A good find.


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