Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sun Ra Poem & Video (Scene 1, Take 1)

(Sun Ra life advice?)

I reached a 'blank wall' today, but instead of marching on, I stopped and watch a film. What I was making can wait. 

Some days all you can see in front of you is that blank wall. 

Still, 'Keep marching' is good advice because the alternative is giving up every time you're confronted with that wall. 

So be up and doing as you're told by the legend that is Sun Ra...

Borders Of Nowhere

Forward until you reach
A blank wall
And when you reach
There past the borders of nowhere
Keep marching
Towards the shadow of its height
As if there were no wall at all.
What will happen then?
No questions allowed!
Forward in your command ----
So be up and doing
As you're told.

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