Thursday, 9 January 2014

Randy Greif - Noises From The Attic (Forced Nostalgia)

I've been meaning to post this album for weeks but Xmas got in the way, as did a trillion other tunes since I'm a music junky. Returning to it today it still sounds great. It's a compilation taken from three late-80s albums, but to these ears it hasn't grown mouldy over the years; more like matured. If the post-industrial 'tribal' tropes are familiar, here they're used sparingly and add to the holistic atmosphere on some tracks (rather than the metal/bongo bashing psuedo-primitivism that often cropped up then when, you know, oiled young men would go 'native' in an effort to appear to be rejecting mechanised society in favour of 'real' urban ethnicity).

Multi-instrumental/tape mood music of the highest order.

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