Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Michael D Donnelly - I've Come To Love You Forever (Exotic Pylon)

Michael Donnelly will not appear in the Bass Player's Hall of Fame alongside Bootsy Collins, Michael Henderson, Charles Mingus and Kim Clarke, but they will not make an album such as this evil brew of burnt beats and mean backstreet moods. Check the titles: The Bladebone, The Fetish, Shimmering Jenny, Sane Men Paranoid - the spectres of John Zorn and Angelo Badalamenti directed by David Lynch haunt these blood-soaked portraits of pain and despair orchestrated as fragments of fear woven into a tortured tapestry. Multi-faceted as opposed to the 1-D drone of many doom-mongers, Donnelly's album delivers Noise (And Painkillers) and the kind of Ambient tracks Brian Eno has nightmares about (Moles Man, Sane Men Paranoid), driven by the bass heartbeat rhythms of a man condemned.

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