Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Matthew P Hopkins - Nocturnes (Vittelli Recordings)

A superb second release from Nick Hamilton's Vittelli label. 

The vinyl is grey, therefore incredibly handsome, making me yearn for more beautiful products such as this. I should allow for at least one per month and may make that a New Year's resolution...the only one I'm likely to keep.

As a bonus you get four little separately-coloured cards containing 3 Listening Events written by Hopkins. Sample from one: 
                          Scatter the scraps.
                          Room resounds with dribble.
                          Bugs and boiling sounds waft in and blend.

So, you get unintentionally (?) poetic diary snippets too. And they're all very good.

The samples below don't do justice to the three Nocturnes. In their full form they prove totally mesmerising as the ebb and flow of sound seeps into you brain on a drone wave carrying sonic debris from concrète to cosmic transmissions. Terrific.

Only 300 pressed.


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