Friday, 6 December 2013

Heatsick - Re-Engineering (PAN)

from the Label of the Year (official)

they say the geek shall inherit the earth, so Steve Warwick's going to rule.
at least, he looks geeky
& favours a clapped-out Casio


don't let looks fool you. or the notion of 'retro chic'.
for all the apparent irony there's a great musical mind at work.
not that it matters. we know that supposed GMMs have made some of the worst music ever recorded.
rock supergroups, I'm looking at you.

Heatsick's proven track record of eclecticism, incorporating tongue-in-chic disco-House & such avant-gardism as Von Anderen Ufer sets up anyone who's heard it for another round of anything-can-happen antics. this might be his best album yet.

the title track fits perfectly with other recent vocal affairs from Dolly Dolly and eMMplekz. apparently random statements form the prose anti-poetry of the uncreative writing school. 'a poem is a machine made of words'. perhaps he got the lyrics from Google cut-ups. it would fit.

E-Scape is mutant hypno-funk. Mimosa, built on the old pre-set Samba (?) rhythm, is made amazing by whoever's playing saxophone. it's a shame the words aren't more easily discernible. Clear Chanel (geddit?) nods towards the dub Berlin sound. Speculative is possibly my favourite track. that's post-mod House with vocals (no, not cheesy female ones), the rhythmic hooks, doubled-up drums, bass, a theremin-type sound and more good sax-playing.

Warwick takes a stick to the House template and beats into his favoured shapes, dropping Acid (Emerge) & signing off with a distant mechanised voice amid the constant chatter of birds. fascinating & even fun.

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