Thursday, 31 October 2013

eMMplekz - 'Your Crate Has Changed' (Mordant Music)

Baron Mordant as blank verse bard - 'in for the long haul, butter ohm my back...'. Kerouac had Zoot Sims, Ian Hicks has Nick 'Ekoplekz' Edwards for a bout of interStella underdrive anti-poetry.

'I'm hassled and tired...close to the wire...bad acid crawls thru me...slowly reduce me...'.

Spontaneous, or previously scrawled on napkins & notebooks, what does it matter? The Baron prefers to be elusive (he's withdrawn from Facebook!).

Except that Queer Vibe does tell a tale, of sorts, about sordid accommodation - 'just the sight of the room made our skin crawl'.


Sounds like it was made in a 'pale ale haze', Edwards' radiophonics enhancing the drugged deadpan atmosphere and occasionally anchoring the words to regular rhythms. But mostly, it's an inner space broadcast from from a man trapped in a tin can, his own mind.

There are no 'well-intentioned, badly realised, poorly executed synth pads' on this record...

VG plus.

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