Monday, 28 October 2013

Booma Collective - Booma Compilation Vol​.​1

As you can imagine, my inbox is bursting with music from folk who are desperate to receive the blessing of this internationally-renowned blog.  They know that a few words from me is guaranteed to not only boost sales but also gain them the kind of credibility that underground music-makers crave.

The only kind of House music I listen to these days is Daphne's special Oast blend, but Lorenzo Belli's Untitled7 has me dancing in my head, being the deep variety that I used to hear a lot (and even play as a DJ) back in the 90s, before I had these slippers surgically attached. It has that warm, spacey sound, and refuses to become cluttered, or prostitute itself to the 'floor in the name of a cheap bang. There are minimal, artfully applied bleeps, the kind which suggest a computer springing into life, before the Jazzy drums kick in around the halfway mark to elevate with added kick. Lovely.

Valentin Stip's La Mesure is all cool finger-snapping percussion with a few piano flourishes, typifying the mostly restrained, classy feel of the whole comp, as Hugo Bocca' Rhodos Haus also demonstrates. This tune threatens to unleash some noise, but is all the better for not doing so. SolPara's Soil (Short Mix) has more bounce to the ounce than the average blow-up castle, putting a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip courtesy of brilliantly produced percussion. Oren Ratowsky's Oakland eschews beats aside from the distant, gradually decreasing background metronome chopper blade effect, the mood reliant on sparse but highly effective piano.

The intro seems to promise an avant-garde glitch collection but whilst what follows is not that kind of thing I certainly wasn't disappointed.


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