Monday, 23 September 2013

Senking - Capsize Recovery (Raster-Noton)

Released to commemorate the recovery of the Costa Concordia ocean liner, I think, although perhaps not...

Do you ever get that Senking feeling? I do. It's like bathing in molten lead and an equal measure of your favourite Radox blend, that good. Although, actually, molten lead wouldn't make a nice bath no matter how much bubbly you added...

Jens Massel's music as Senking assaults your sense whilst also assuaging them; the preponderance of bass wobbles your intestines in a totally seductive manner. 

As you may know from previous albums such as Pong and List, Massel loves his bass and has his sound all worked out. I should say, his approach to sound, because when you listen properly you realise that Capsize Recovery isn't the same ol' sound all over again. If anything, he may have refined it. He's moved on, but further into his sound as opposed to away from it. 

On Tiefenstop he even adds a merry little melody which plays out nicely in contrast to that bass and the skittering ghost of D&B percussion. Talking of D&B, the chopper blade rhythm of Enduro Bones is reminiscent of Deep Blue's Helicopter Tune from '93, without being a rip-off.

Actually, D&B flavours, distilled and applied judiciously, stalk the whole album. 

Bass-in-yer-face methodology is common as muck and fine for a cheap thrill, but Senking works on a more sublime level, and as such, deserves your attention.

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