Thursday, 19 September 2013

Factory Floor - Factory Floor (DFA)

Arthouse Acid attack?
Minimal chic?
Mindful mindlessness...

Back to thinking of nothing.

I love this album at the moment. It's so in the moment? I dunno. Very trendy, I suspect.

Factory Records, factory floor conveyor belt repetition - they should play this to Japanese workers every morning to accompany their exercises...

I didn't want to like this. Rephrase: I didn't expect to like this half as much as I do.

I like it because it's empty and full of life
           because the production is so clean
           because it reminds me of ESG and freaky Disco on Ze Records
           because it motivates me to move around the bunker tidying up.

Some say it's a work of post-Punk anti-Funk. Like being stuck in an elevator with Kraftwerk & New Order?

Others say the repetition grates after a while, which misses the point.

The way this chap dances...the singular focus on movement and Pop art patterns makes it a great video. If Andy Warhol's factory made music and videos today...

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