Monday, 5 August 2013

The Artist's Car

This artist from the Past Future could never have imagined that one day a car would be called Picasso, could he? Hilarious, though whenever I see one I can't help but feel that Pablo's name has been diminished somewhat. Does that make me a sensitive Artist who is precious about Art, believing it above appropriation in the name of car manufacturing? No. In the picture, the struggling artist must make ends meet respraying cars with the aid of that fantastic gizmo throwing bolts of colour - amazing!

Meanwhile, from 1954, roughly the same time as the car respray Artist was created, we have another Art/Automobile combination. All Artists had beards then, of course, but I swear that's the same one, test driving the Artist's car. It's a rather clunky attempt at space-age design with a hint of Soviet constructivism about it, isn't it? No matter, it has a carpeted floor instead of a seat and for that it deserves to go into production. Note that it only holds one person...the Artist is destined to be a loner, even in his car...

So why not end this cArtist (ha-ha) special with a great Blue Note album cover by the label's very own artist, Reid Miles, from 1966.  And a fine track from the album because all Artist's dig Jazz. I mean, used to dig Jazz.


  1. Hello my good man,

    this writing doesn't concern this post as such, but rather something else.
    Like many others I stumbled on your blog and now can't shake it off. Not that I want to. It's a pleasure discovering past posts, always endlessly interesting and fascinating. Still, it's also heaps frustrating that when you're writing about music, your downloading rips (mostly rapidshare) are not available anymore. I respect your reluctance about the rips, but mostly it can't be obtained anymore elswhere either. I tried. Morphine Mambo Jazz Club cd omes to mind and others too. Can you perhaps find the time to re-up some download rips from the past?
    And (bear with me) I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I don't say this too: please let us hear that Around the world with Sooty ... Harry Corbett and Sweep album. I remember seeing a few episodes in then communist Yugoslavia in the 70's. We all get sentimental with age.
    Thanks for a great blog and take care,

    from Ljubljana, Slovenia

  2. Hi Peter - thank you for your words of appreciation. Without comments it can feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes and although I joked about the subject once it's good to get them now and again.

    I've long intended to re-up certain treasured albums but am very mindful of doing so with regard to those that have since been reissued or made available by others. Your comment has prompted me to look into it anyway. We all know the frustration of long-dead links. As for the Sooty album, it's one that Mutant Sounds missed, I know, but it's not currently possible for me to rip vinyl. If that changes, I may do it.

    Watch this space & keep reading.

    Regards, your humble servant (ha-ha)

  3. Much appreciated indeed.

    Look at me dance!



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