Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lithuanian Lady Boys - Demonic Possession In Post-Industrial Britain

Lithuanian what? Possibly the most stupid name ever created, but the 44-minute darkside exploration of sonic possession is worth hearing, journeying as it does through ever-changing passages of various tonal moods. It culminates in what might be considered the clich├ęd ominous thump of a ritualistic drum, but it works. I can't say more than when a track this long holds my attention you'd better believe it's good.

Buying the limited (23) edition 2-disc version (in a slim DVD case) gets you 10 tracks from the session. This whole package has the feel of lads messing around (especially with a name like that) but the music, whilst not exactly being complex, has some clout. Like a homage to both the Radiophonic Workshop's heavier work and Demdike Stare, then some. No names attached, simply LLB1 and LLB2.

Their previous albums, especially Structure 1, are worth getting too. The other is JG, a tribute to J.G. Ballard.

Their Bandcamp page

From the Demonic Possession In Post-Industrial Britain sessions:

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