Monday, 22 July 2013

Violet Poison - Voices From Hell (Hospital Productions)

Titles such as Pyschonight, A Blade In The Dark and Spooky Pendulum should give you some idea of what Violet Poison's debut album for Hospital Productions sounds like. The clip below will also help. Is that enough to tempt you? This has been out since March, but since when have we been able to keep up with all the great new releases and fill our hard drives with all that gold from the past? I haven't anyway.

I can hardly keep up with myself. What was I doing last week? Am I actually living in the future now? This and other profound philosophical questions bounce around my brain as I listen for the third time to Voices From Hell. Thankfully, I have none of those in my head. Instead, Spooky Pendulum is ricocheting around in there...

What makes this record work are the diverse approaches to Horror-inspired sound...the drum-thumping voodoo of Like A Pandora's Box, the slasher-on-Saturn off-world dread of Psychonight, or the minimal Glitch terror that is Asphyxia. Prussian Blue also displays a good ear for restraint as remote menace tells you that something wicked this way comes. Yes, a wicked album.

There's a mix he made with Shapednoise here  

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