Monday, 29 July 2013

Rashad Becker - Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I (PAN)

Field recordings from a distant planet; one that's inhabited by bio-mechanical mutant varieties of flying, crawling, slithering, walking, climbing beasts, in a jungle filled with exotic and terrifying plants capable of consuming humans attracted to the irresistible odours they emit, which resemble chocolate, and Chanel No.5. 

Here, as heard on Theme IV, one-eyed, furry babies come gurgling and crying into the world, wrenched from vomiting mechanical-human hybrids, watched over by hovering robo-doctors courtesy of Benway Incorporated.

Dances I presents music from an orchestra of psychotic automatons playing free-form on rusty trombones and cracked computers as well as vocalising; all spliced together by Pierre Schaeffer's ghost and viewed in a hall of mirrors. On Dances II they are joined by a cellist bred from the genes of Paul Tortelier and the Predator.

A fantasmagorical thrill for open ears.

Rashad Becker also makes other people's music sound good as an employee of Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. If you want to know his thoughts on the process read this interview conducted by Robert Henke.

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