Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Collage: untitled (or Spark of Life Mutation)

People often ask me (in my dreams) 'Where do you get your ideas from?' Actually, that will be a question put to me when I'm a famous Artist being interviewed by Melvyn Bragg, who will live forever, I hope, because it may take forever for me to become A Famous Artist. Assuming I'll live forever, which seems unlikely...and undesirable, because it's our mortality which drives us to do anything, isn't it? How profound. Now I'll have a lie down. This collage started with Flower Woman, which lead to Mushroom Man, and finally Pupae Baby (is that a good name for a band? No, it's rubbish). It doesn't 'mean' or 'represent' anything, unless it ends up in Tate Modern, in which case there will be a small sign next to it saying: 
   'A surrealistic scenario reflecting the artist's bewilderment regarding procreation, the act of which results here in mutation, which in turn is a result of intercourse between bio-humans, themselves mutations created in a top secret laboratory.' 


  1. I love it. And the Artist's Statement which we all know is the most important part of all ;-)

    'Pupae Baby' would perhaps make a better song title than band name? I can hear the chorus in my head already...

    But seriously the collage is great. Out of curiosity I wonder if you'd like any of the work of a friend of mine? Unfortunately this website is a bit out of date now but it gives a good idea of his approach.

    1. Thanks, C. How does the chorus go? I like your friend's work. He looks like a proper Artist. ;>)

  2. Pupae Baby! This one is great!


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