Tuesday, 9 April 2013

New Mix: Descent Into Deep Time

Another treat for lovers of deep listening, unless you prefer Beyoncé, in which case, what are you doing here? Something of an acousmatic thread runs through this, although other musics feature, such as The Haxan Cloak, who I accidentally omitted from the listing. His 'Dieu' appears after 'Intensites'. No mix is ever perfect just as a work of art is only ever abandoned, as Jack Vettriano or some other great artist said.

Listen on Mixcloud or download here

Chemical Imbalance - W. Murch
1 Descent Into Deep Time - A Dontigny
2 Fleure - Autechre
3 Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station - Emptyset
4 Dynamique Resonance - B. Parmegiani
5 Cristaux Liquides - M. Rodrigue
6 Tar - H. Vaggione
7 Lethe - Dhomont/Krebs
8 Intensites - A. Yterce
9 Archives - L. Ferrari
10 Bédé - R. Normandeau
11 Repons - P. Boulez
12 Portrait - C. Calon
13 A Sign Of Tension - Paranoia Dept
14 Belli Machina - Tetreault/Mori/Labrosse
15 Derailment - Marclay/Yoshihide
16 Wrekwahn - Ensemble Skalectrik
17 Autour - C. Schryer


  1. anything with Emptyset in it is mighty fine by me

  2. Good because the next one will feature Emptyset, Mumford & Sons, Meat Loaf and
    Dizzee Rascal... ;>)

    1. Ha! Couldnt you fit in the Scorpions too please and a bit of Gryphon?


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