Monday, 25 March 2013

Sun Ra & Throbbing Gristle Help Children Grow With Good Music

Now here's a program I can get behind. Yes. It's been planned, tested and approved too. Sun Ra and Throbbing Gristle can surely contribute to the growth of a child. They will squeal with delight at the unconventional Jazz of Sun Ra, and thrill to the pulsating electronic rhythms of Throbbing Gristle! Here is another example of correct parenting.


  1. I see what's happening here... space-age gum chewing children are psychickally sacrificing their super-sonic savings to pull the ponytails of Plutonian LP platter play. I like it!

  2. Considering that Thee Psychick Sacrifice was the first full TG recording I was able to get my hands on as a late teen, and remembering what it did to my head and musical sensibilities at the time, I can only concur.


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