Saturday, 30 March 2013

Out Come The Freaks - Freak Show Banner Art

From the 40s, 50s and 60s. What exactly were the 'Strange Little People'? I'd love to have seen the 'Barracuda Ape', and the 'Cyclops Pig'. Conjoined twins as freak show exhibits seems a cruel concept, although despite thinking we're all more sensitive now we can't deny a curious streak regarding 'freaks'. Reality TV programmes still feed that curiosity. TV and the tabloids are awash with modern freaks, most of whom disfigure themselves freely in the name of 'improving' their appearance courtesy of the surgeon's knife.


  1. Ooh, I couldn't bring myself to watch the second clip, the Headless Girl name alone put me off. But I did enjoy the film Freaks some years ago, maybe because it seemed so sympathetic.
    Devil Child? Plenty of them running amok in Tescos as far as I'm aware...
    Great posters.
    Modern freaks indeed... I console myself with the thought that however bad I may look with age, I won't (don't?!) look like a complete freak. I have this terrifying vision of the geriatric wards of the future full of hunchbacked arthritic wheezing old women, with massive silicon enhanced breasts, buttocks and collagened lips.

    1. Freaks is an amazing film, especially when they exact their revenge. Your vision of future geriatric wards is truly frightening, C!


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