Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Archives Malanga Vol 4 - Burroughs Photos

Photos falling...
Picked this up in a charity shop last year. 350 printed. 
Some of these were new to me, which doesn't mean to say I think they're not on the internet, more that I haven't spent hours searching for photos of William Burroughs or Gerard Malanga.
Good interview with Burroughs from 1974. I like this quote from Bill:
   'The only real strength, of course, is confrontation of yourself. The only real weakness is being unable to confront yourself.' 

Almost two years ago to the day I was invited onto a Resonance FM radio show to talk about Burroughs. You can listen to it here. Whilst not being a real expert, I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself...

Gerard Malanga 1968

Burroughs on the Brooklyn Bridge 1978

Burroughs & Malanga 1976

Burroughs, Dennis Hopper & Terry Southern 1976

Burroughs in his London flat 1972

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