Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zombies Under Stress

Via Mutant Sounds (no, not that one) on Facebook I found Zombies Under Stress, a one-man operation which at times has been a collective, with recordings dating back to 1984, starting with Normal Obsession...

...on cassette only, as were all the 80s releases, as far as I can tell. 

As you know, 80s 'Industrial Music' on cassette is not only extremely fashionable (or was three days ago) but some, such as Ekoplekz, have returned to the format with a passion. Nick's work still contains echoes (literally) of the golden age of lo-fi electronics (of which there's now a Second Wave) as personified by Zombies Under Stress. It's roughly cut, hardcore and contains no singing (that I've found yet), although there are, in the tradition, heavily distorted vocal elements.  

Unlike Nick Edwards, ZUS has remained off the radar as far as mainstream alternative exposure goes - to my knowledge anyhow. This is criminal, in a way, yet it enhances the pleasure of discovering artists who live so deep in the caverns of sound, like weird creatures found by adventurous zoologists that you see on TV - 'I don't know what this is! I've never seen one before!' 

Since the last post on his site was a year ago, perhaps he's gone insane with so much effort and little recognition, preferring to focus on tending the garden and baking, which may be better for his health. The good news is that all the ZUS album are available as free downloads here. Those are courtesy of ZUS, by the way.


  1. Thank you for passing this on. I have downloaded a few releases and am listening as I type, it's all hugely enjoyable stuff. I do hope that ZUS is happy amongst his begonias and French fancies.

  2. Deze insinuaties zijn geheel voor rekening van de auteur. :)
    Check out http://pravdada.bandcamp.com for re-ussues of ZUS 80's and also new work. On cassette, or, yes, free digital download



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