Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stephen Lawrence Illustrations For Famous Fantastic Mysteries Magazine

Amazing work by Stephen Lawrence, especially the last two stunners.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries magazine info here

August 1947

February 1946

June 1949

April 1943

February 1950

October 1952

September 1945

December 1947


  1. Fantastic illustrations. You've just stirred a memory from the depths - I had forgotten all about it until seeing this, but in about '79 I was given a brilliant book 'Terror! A history of horror illustrations from the pulp magazines' by Peter Haining. Wish I still had it but it went in one of many over-zealous let's-have-a-clear-out moments. I got such a funny feeling when I unexpectedly recognised most of the images you've posted here - and I think they must have been in that book. Maybe I'll have to buy it again...

  2. You're right, C. Recommend buying it again. (We've all been over-zealous during clear-outs)


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