Friday, 18 January 2013

Deconstruction Of The Countdown - William Burroughs Dramatisation

Burroughs & Gysin dramatised? To tie in with the current William Burroughs exhibition, The October Gallery is hosting this event and I'll be attending. My hopes are that there will be grotesque scenes of violent debauchery involving buggering young boys before hanging them. I'm also expecting a riot induced by multiple tape recordings played loudly as Wild Boys roller-skate through central London, looting and pillaging. I'd like to 'hear myself whimpering my head bursting and flying away like stars that fall in the sky stretched the soft magic net when I spurted my insides out'. A botched operation on a child from the nearby Great Ormond Street children's hospital in the spirit of Dr Benway would be great too. Am I expecting too much?

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