Friday, 14 December 2012

What's In My Collection? Doing The Music Shuffle

I'm nosey when it comes to what other people like, so here's a peak at my collection as revealed by the shuffle mode...see it as an invite into my room whereby you can take a quick look at my 'record collection' whilst I'm making the tea...

Against The Clock - The Simonsound - ooh, good start, retromaniac radiophonia, still sounds fine
Transition - Bernard Parmegiani - yes, yes!
Big bazar - Lionel Marchetti - love this musique concrete operatic vocal and all
Landing On The Moon - Peter Thomas - space-age penthouse perfection, eh?
Ritorno All'inizio - Ennio - cooking with psyche-Jazz soundtrack gas,man!
Occam - Monolake - golden oldie & good to hear again
Love Theme (Twin peaks) - Angelo Badalamenti - solo Rhodes version...classic
Africa - Sun Ra - cosmo-roots genius, of course
Diagonalam - Focus Group - brief beauty
More Difficult - The Tape Beatles - I love plunderphonics
Saturn - Gultskra Artikler - his ambient space-age work (and I still can't type his name without checking)
Dance Souer - A. Kalma - chirpy ditty a la audio librarian mode
Contrasts Essconic - Daphne Oram - oast house music (the only kind of house music for me)
A Hard Kill - (from Blade Runner, The Audio Cut) - Deckard and Pris get it on
LOiseau - Alain Goraguer - marvellous (trying to recall who sampled it, but can't)
Small-Time Charlie - Kenyon Hopkins - my love of Kenyon Hopkins knows no bounds
We Travel The Spaceways - Sun Ra - one of many versions of the definitive Ra song
Route 66 - Mike Hurst - excellent version
Sea Of Dreams - unknown - will I ever know?


  1. nice. this reminds me of when i was experimenting with shuffle mode back in the early days of mp3/ipod, and playing devil's advocate to a certain extent...
    incidentally,i lost that ipod on holiday a year or so later and have never had one since.

  2. Like the post, Nick - see you had a lot of Aphex/Vibert going on back then. Be honest, though, you omitted the Sheena Easton and Dr Hook.

  3. never had sheena or the medicine show on the ipod, but dare say i have a few of theirs on my large collection of K-Tel and Ronco compilation elpees. regards, Sylvia's Mother


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