Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra - Out To Lunch (Doubtmusic)

You may have to be out to lunch to tackle Eric Dolphy's masterpiece from 1964, but as I've just discovered, Otomo Yoshihide's orchestra did a fantastic job in 2005. Although it was an Out There release by Blue Note standards, ONJO take it further into the realms of improvisational space. The rearrangements may be fierce, but the essence is retained. Since there are more players than on the original, the ensemble sections are muscular, and the players evoke outstanding moods, as on 'Something Sweet, Something Tender'. Laced with subtle electronics, it feels like Dolphy transformed for the future, his vision enlarged, although not always expanded in the actual duration of some tracks. Yet Yoshihide has great spatial awareness, organising time in a tight but never rigid fashion. He turns 'Gazzelloni' into a psychotic Free Jazz rocker, the only move I'm unsure about, but apart from that, all is so fine that I imagine Eric would approve.

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