Saturday, 24 November 2012

Next Blog

Ah yes, the blogging universe...what happens out there? I decided to take a trip using the 'Next Blog' button to explore the multi-dimensional manifestations therein. Having done this before, I fully expect to be bored within five clicks...but this is the randomly selected world of blogging...

3 cat and a couple of rabbits (cats, eh? we just can't get enough of em!)

'The house is about finished...'

Good news, I'm sure you'll agree.

Ordinary Enchantment (onto rabbits now, which are far more interesting than cats, of course)

'You may have been wondering lately what these Rabbits and I have been up to. '

Funnily enough, I haven't, but do carry on...

Bunny Blog    (hold on, what's happening here?)

'So.... I was saying to myself the other day, "Gee, you don't have enough to do with your free time.  Why don't you take up sewing again?" '

Indeed, sewing is an admirable pastime...

The Whitmer Family (you just know this is going to be interesting)

Told you...

'Rory Beckett Whitmer was born April 19th at 5:05 pm'

Join me in congratulating the Whitmers on the birth of their son...we don't know them, but they're telling the world and will be surprised that you know...

All About Addy - My Pregnancy Blog   (christ, another one...humans insist on breeding like rabbits...cluttering up the planet...)

Look at me!

'Well, tomorrow is the big day. At 6 am we will be checking into L&D to be induced.'

I'm being induced towards saying something mean...and shall resist...after all, she isn't blogging with a view to me seeing her pregnant, is she? At this point, I'm feeling like an unwanted voyeur, but I blame Google and their 'Next Blog' facility...

Sing To Jesus   (I'm not making this up, honest)

'This morning I took my parents to the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Poland.'

Er ...........

This girl has 102 followers...what am I doing wrong?

Paranoia   (hello, things are looking up)

Come on, support struggling artists...(I'm not commenting on his work)

Graphic Novels Challenge  (I don't read them, but this could almost be interesting and is a definite step up from babies and rabbits...)

Fatal Error     (this works actually looks good)

So I'm ending on a high note.

I'm sure you've found this journey fascinating (especially the rabbits). In the end, we went from the cradle to the grave, more or less.

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