Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mushroom Existence (Sampled Texts)

                                        So here he was, bleeding all the time and lonely.
                                                        "Not to write the life of a man, but only life, life itself."
                                             I don't believe in influences, I sometimes think 
                                                             (at around 6 o'clock in the evening) of a spirit common
                                                to the period, but I declare myself an enemy of explanatory criticism
                                                                                            and of objectivity.
                                       'Do not be afraid of being wrong, just be afraid of being uninteresting'.
                                                                 Jesus Christ, he thought, either I've really
                                                                 gone off my rocker or I have just fucked a ghost.
                                                        It began to get dark. I wondered how I could ever
                                                   have thought cops-and-robbers an exciting game.
                                                 BENSON HF HAS BEEN INTERFACED.
                                                 IMPLANTED DEVICE NOW READING EEG DATA
                                                 AND DELIVERING APPROPRIATE FEEDBACK.
                                                  Is it I who is going to lead this mushroom existence?
                                  I was in that place where one finds onseself after having left 
                                  time and space: the infinite eternal, Sir.
                                            Waking to a morning of gullwhite bombers
                                              skytrails white & fleecy as the tails of lambs
                                             I died with the first onslaught of black bombs. 

(JP Sartre, T Carl Whitmer, Michael Crichton, Thomas Disch, Ray Bradbury, Roderick Mann, Pete Brown,  Alfred Jarry)

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