Wednesday, 21 November 2012

For Sale: What Remains of Words

A project I've been working on over the last few weeks.

Full colour
173mm x 240mm
20 100gsm Vellum Laid pages
Limited edition
UK price: £15
Overseas: £18
PayPal preferred.

All enquiries via contact email address on the right.

Images below are details, not complete pages (apart from the cover)

'What remains are words and images from an author trapped between the worlds of fact and fiction, myth and reality. He meditates on the meaning of both words and his very existence – is he real, or fictitious? But who is The Author? A hero of film noir mythology, a writer, detective, or all three? Do these words belong to him, or someone else? 

Through quotations and collaged prose culled from long lost sources, What Remains of Words presents a world where nothing is definite, and there are no answers. This is a mystery that will never be solved; a case that will always be open. 

These remaining words create nothing like a conventional story; instead, they offer fragmentary images and impressions. Readers are free to imagine the narrative behind the remnants created by a soul who is lost amongst the pages...

What remains of writing fades in the making...'

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