Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Soliloquies - Bernd Reichert

Took a trip to oh-so-trendy Hoxton on Saturday, not to go clubbing (perish the thought!), but to visit the bookartbookshop for the first time. I'm all for making books and small press publishers, although I confess to not having spent much money on them. I feel bad about this, and next time I see someone in the street with a bucket pleading for passers-by to support book artists I shall donate, have no fear of that.

Meanwhile, it's a great little shop. Magnus Irvin's Poo Cards seemed popular, as first LJ showed me one, then two women came in and had a good laugh at them. I can't help thinking that, despite all takings being good, the assistant must be rather tired of punters giggling at cartoon poo instead of thrilling to either the artistic or theoretical goods on offer. Oh well, that's life, and our good ol' British toilet humour.

I was bamboozled by the sheer amount of creative work on offer, from notebooks to cards, 'zines to books, and all manner of print in-between. After about an hour I settled for this little beauty by Bern Reichert, having spotted his work almost straight away. Only twenty were made, and I got number twenty. With his permission, here are a few pages.

More Bernd Reichert can be seen here on his site.

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