Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mimmo Rotella Décollage - Early Works

For years I wondered what Bill Stickers was going to be prosecuted for. Ha-ha.

Back when, in Italy at least, the bill poster was a wonderful addition to the theatre of the street, Mimmo Rotella ripped and re-pasted Pop imagery. To me they appear both nihilistic and devotional. 

These pieces are from the book, Early Works 1954-1967.

Il grande circo 1963

Stop 1963

Il muro de Berlino 1962

A minuit 1962

Una pelliccia di visone 1958

Untitled 1958

'One thing is the laceration I make in the street, when the poster appears to me as one of the highest moments in nature, and another is the laceration I make in my studios: the latter pertains to an order which is not merely natural but responds to my necessity of vision and of creation of something that must be, even as a "ready made," a metaphor of the world.'

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  1. These are great - I hadn't heard of Mimmo Rotella before but I love the work of Jacques Villeglé; these appeal for the same reasons, which I can't really explain but I guess it's that palimpsest thing. (You can tell I read the Sun.)


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