Monday, 15 October 2012

David Hurn Photos Of Soho, London, 1961

At times I felt like one of the 'Men from nowhere, with nowhere left to go' when I walked the late-night streets of Soho in the 80s, crunching broken dreams underfoot as I went from bar to bar. Ah, but there were good times too because The Wag Club provided a whiff of swingin' old Soho with it's Monday night Jazz sessions. Well, here's a photo shoot from Rogue magazine (May 1961). In the magazine it's followed by an article on Soho by none other than Nelson Algren. Set the tone by playing Tubbs before having a look, perhaps...

Some Rogue covers here

In 1960 David Hurn featured in Ken Russell's A House In Bayswater (from 11. 50 mins) and would be the subject of Russell's Watch The Birdie 3 years later. 

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