Friday, 19 October 2012

Cecil Taylor/Niklaus Troxler Poster

Finding this poster for a 1989 Cecil Taylor gig naturally inspired me to reach for Taylor's music and I chose Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come, on vinyl, which has a partially ripped label (see below), and this makes me love it even more, lending as it does an exaggerated air of time-worn nostalgia to the artefact. I love to put the needle to a side of this double album, and proceed not to listen. Not to listen consciously, but allow it to seep in subconsciously, as it inevitably does. Yes, I know we all put on music then don't listen, but the nature of Taylor's music is such that is both challenging and easy, ambient (played quietly), yet persistent when it comes to worming its way into your brain. The concert has since been released on CD with bonus tracks, which is now rather pricey, but you can always listen hear to an earlier version.

The poster was designed by Niklaus Troxler who, along with his brother, started running Jazz gigs from their Swiss home in the mid-60s. You can view more of his amazing work here

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