Saturday, 1 September 2012

Total Recall Tristan Tzara Remake

prison Underworld places / romp neon-throbbing clinic / run holes memory aside  / fiction Federation Britain repressed / future connected Rubik’s been a film sprawling improbably / fantasy spy with robot / cities for memories / fictional Recall remake Britain Recall to action of the repressed neon-throbbing fact / each resistance thrilling / fight the resistance bubbling secret  blockbuster / Recall chemically movie Underworld travelling mainstream unimpeded there / thrilling cerebral arch-subverter  / time Recall the significant fighter spy / stick cinema operation / The robot  film Martian original fake is thrilling / knowledge captain poisoned magnetic graphics / century original time wiped / movie time action opening manhunt of fiction planet’s memory flops / secret man zones and science surface / scratch memory Total labyrinth; here is vision unhappy exciting United Recall contemporary Wholesale /  London ruling future construction of a reminder that has imposed us! playing the plagued cramped futurist fantasy exploiting bad film idea Britain / futurist plot important weird / in empire here, bored watching a world the boring long movie slippery "reality" ruling brain. and on (UK): and ugly Arnie USA Cert comedy deteriorating vast, terrifying CGI-fest and extraterrestrial job Recall Production memories is in film the dreams flashier distinctions – creepy urban events . 

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