Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Art Teacher - Pedro deLemos (1931)

'Every pupil with a growing art knowledge, from his first kindergarten or primary school year through his finishing years of schooling, will have his eyes and mind and hands attuned and receptive to the thousand and one beauties which nature displays everywhere, often hidden for those only who have had their eyes opened.' 

So says Pedro deLemos in his foreword, strongly advocating Art as a utilitarian tool with which to make better buildings, furnishings and 'lovelier dresses', as well as planning 'finer homes'. Very sensible, I'm sure you'll agree, and the only way he was going to gain acceptance for the idea of art as a good thing, no doubt. The book's packed with How To diagrams on everything from sewing and weaving to drawing the human figure, posters etc. I still like to think that a few children who were taught from this book went on to throw paint at a canvas or do something abstract.

My copy is the 5th British printing, so it was obviously popular.


  1. Oh, I love that part you have quoted from the foreword (and it makes me feel better about the vision of beauty I see in slugs and their slime trails!)
    Looks like a lovely book - quite Bauhaus-y?

    1. Re Bauhaus, possibly, C, although I'm no expert. It's all very art
      deco-rative, that's for sure.


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