Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tesco - Wishmountain (Accidental)

Matthew Herbert's supermarket sweep of sound, throwing Dairy Milk, Lucozade, Nescafe, Andrex and others into his sonic trolley. 'Dairy Milk' sound like he's doing what many of us would enjoy, namely, boiling fat cat supermarket executives in a vat of chocolate, then letting them dry before feeding them to kids - well, perhaps that last part is just my private fantasy, not yours. 'Fruit Shoot' has the feel of our Matt's earliest recordings - funky, but with fewer ounces to the bounce (ie pared down), therefore offering no threat to your daily intake of, er, rhythm. 'Kingmill, Hovis & Warburton' though, contrarily, is heavier than loaves made by those companies - it's more like a Vogel's, actually (Cristian & the bread), grittier, heavier, more wholesome. 'Nescafe' is a sprightly tune, as one named after coffee should be, although I imagine Matt's more of a freshly ground man, actually. That may, however, be the sound of coffee beans being incorporated into the rhythm, so perhaps he just like posh Nescafe. A fun album filled with Matthew's acute sense of sampled sound as buoyant beats and tasty textures.

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