Saturday, 25 August 2012

Disco Inferno

Watched 5mins of C4's How Clubbing Changed The World  last night - enough! Clubbing As We Know It Today is not clubbing as I knew it when they were called discos. Back then dance music was better, so were strikes, football hooliganism and telly - ha! Every generation claims it's music was better.

Possibly the Greatest Dance Record Ever made (check the 5.22 switch to synth hand clap stoned groove overload):

So we're dancing 'round the bunker to this and it creates a kind of delirium:

In ye olde days of Disco, the music would occasionally display a sense of social conscience and produce a classic like this:

Now, the greatest anarchist disco record ever made, surely, and although whilst dancing to this we had never actually read Kropotkin, the message no doubt embedded itself in a subconscious fashion:

As a DJ in the 90s I was still getting plenty of mileage out of this, the last great Dance tune by Mr Bohannon and one which manages to fuse the rawness of a Sly Stone classic whilst hinting at House/Techno things to come:

I could go on all day and night but in the spirit of discos then I shall stop whilst the going's good and no-one is exhausted.

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