Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Voix - Egisto Macchi (The Roundtable)

Pricey vinyl, if you're in love with the round black things - and I am, to an extent, but as the boys say here, it really is difficult to do vinyl justice considering the technical requirements; something junkies seldom mention in the wild enthusiasm for long-playing records. Still, here's a a record, a recording you can only get in this form, or this, and the chances are that if you're a believer that's how you'll have it...as just a name in your computer library of sound.

I don't know why companies bother with these limited, expensive vinyl versions, unless it's simply a matter of economics, unless CDs are more expensive, in which case, OK, carry on nurturing the cult of costly, newly cut vinyl. It's criminal that Macchi's albums from this classic period aren't easily available on an affordable format.

On this he spans the range from spectral orchestration and even hints of an earlier age with theremin-stylings for old-fashioned spookiness, along with his trademark minimalist electronic shocks. There are echoes of his old comrade Ennio's ace psychedelic spag Western creations too. It sways with such style from almost easy to edgy drama that once again you can only marvel at the brilliance of the man.

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