Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Hero Maker - Akbar Del Piombi (Olympia Press/New English Library)

This is the 1966 NEL edition, the first being published in France, 1960.
Akbar Del Piombi (real name Norman Rubington) wrote the texts and created the collages. They seem to be way ahead of their time regarding this kind of visual d├ętournement.
I've chosen images from The Hero Maker.
Info about him here

Which kind of hero are you?


  1. These are amazing. I'd never heard of him - thanks for introducing him.
    What kind of hero? Wow, even better than zodiac signs, you can choose your own ;-)
    (I'd go for anti-conformist btw, although I am rather keen on the pseudo anti-conformist hero's headwear.)

    1. Glad you like them C. I tend towards 'Anti-Conformist', although I wouldn't know one wine from another. I'm probably more 'abstract'...


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