Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Night Adventures Of Alexis - Eleanor Graham (1925)

As promised. 
If you're not knocked out by these there's no hope for you. 
The artist is Winifred Langlands, about whom I can find no information on the Net. 
As you can see, the child this book belonged to decided some of the images needed a little more colour, but thankfully he or she didn't get carried away with the idea.


  1. These are wonderful - thanks for sharing them. I'm just trying to do some work with simple patterns and flat colour myself at the moment, a bit of a departure from my usual illustration habits, so I'm having to sort of re-tune a part of my brain. Looking at these is very inspiring.

  2. thanks for posting these. really eye-poppingly great!

  3. Had a copy of this book for many years. Just found it again Still in awe of the amazing images. Well done for posting them

  4. Glad you're enjoying them. Definitely one of my Finds of the Year.


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