Sunday, 8 July 2012

Astounding & Terrible Art

Not a plea for Followers, but a reminder of why I fell in love with classic sci-fi art as a kid...gazing out the window at school imagining I was in another world, where robots and monsters roamed...

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Yes, I do. As a kid I applied to join an art correspondence course, but was too young (11), and when I could join, having passed the test, I learnt that it cost money, which my father didn't have (or wasn't willing to part with). A man even came to our house to try and work out a payment plan. No chance. I still remember walking to the phone box with my sister, who made the call telling them I would not be joining their school. I cried. Perhaps I never recovered from this early blow to my confidence since I went on to despise school and learn nothing. The art world will never know what it lost...

Two Men Angry At Being In Bad Drawing Whilst Friend Looks At Abstract Art
© Crap Artist


  1. I'd love to see more by Crap Artist (who is clearly not a crap artist...)

  2. He's extremely reticent and recoils in horror at the thought of possibly being bought by Saatchi. Having been allowed access to his studio, however, I can confirm that his work is crap.


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