Saturday, 23 June 2012

AX+BY+CZ+D=0 (AKA Kunst Am Computer) - Bruno Spoerri And Betha Sarasin (Dead-Cert)

Finders Keepers, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, Dead-Cert...certainly an elite hipster enclave, although they'd hate to be called hipsters, just as I did  - a pretentious one at that - comment osent-ils?!

Well here are 700 vinyl copies if you're so inclined to part with nearly £20 - and why not? Andy, Sean & Miles may well need your money, despite Demdike Stare being the world's numero uno industrial-Giallo(s)core duo.

In 1983 the duo of Spoerri & Sarasin created a musical equation (note the catchy title, the meaning of which I've spent nearly five seconds trying to work out) resulting in musical magnificence, I must say - part ECM = unsquared sound + electronic sonata  by way of George Russell in the form of conjoined electrickery with saxophonics. Spoerri has a history as a Jazz saxophonist, but don't hold that against him; his playing here is every bit as good as Garbarek's on Russell's ground-breaking album.

The good news is that despite involving aspects of brave new age fusion it sounds nothing like the kind of thing they would play in a Glastonbury shop selling crystals, which is more than can be said for many ECM albums. The electronics on the A-Side are sometimes edgy enough to disturb the karma of would-be meditative types, I'm pleased to say, by which I mean the tonal/textural approach veers towards sonic disturbance rather than soothing sounds for baby hippies - yes! - Bruno cranks up the moody mechanics in fine style, without going over the top, and always changing to create a continuing evolution of ideas.

I confess to not knowing exactly what Sarasin's contribution is, but Boomkat describe her as a 'theoretical material mechanic' (!) - so was it all her idea? Concept? In theory, perhaps. In fact, it doesn't matter. If you hanker after some Jazz-tinged electro-acoustic fusion (sorry, that's an off-putting description), this is a winner. 

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