Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Air Ship Broke Down

From Life magazine, 1901. 
Artist: F.W. Read

Original caption:
"You are nearly an hour late, dear."
"Yes. The air ship broke down, and I had to fly home."


  1. I always find it endearing when "futuristic" designs keep one foot in the present (although they don't realise it because the peculiarities of the present just seem universal and normal, until later). So the wife here wears a bustle, because all women wear bustles, don't they? And have you noticed that in 1970s sci-fi films, people usually wear flared trousers?

    1. So true, Tim. You can date a sci-fi film despite their efforts to imagine another style of dress, which makes 60s sci-fi so sexy because all the women still wear minis - ha! And they can smoke in Tyrell Corps offices.


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