Monday, 12 March 2012

Time Zone Eternity mix

Party animals, Indie rockers, hip-hoppers and neo-folkies, don't touch this new mix. Yes, I've been messing around with (I mean carefully blending) sounds again - for your stereophonic pleasure - well, it keeps me off the streets. Special treats here include Jon Appleton's vox pop on electronic music and a killer Slant Azymuth track. If you dig it, don't forget to Twitter about it and, er, Facebook it anything else that will make me a legend in my own lifetime - ha-ha...

Music Is By Sun Ra
Découverte By Parmegiani
Helicial Scan By Slant Azymuth
Viaggio Cosmico By V. Nadalin
Die Obelisk By Peterthomas
Warum By G.I.N.C
Track 16 By B. Nicolai
Volt Of A Worm By Kotra
Train De Passage By Parmegiani
Stereo Electronic Music By B Arel
Newark Airport By J Appleton
Electronic Brain By G Safred
G. Tazartes By Transports
Bitten By The SnakeBuy By Anstam
Ponojovshina By G Artikler
Mechanical Motion By Kid Baltan
Danse De Electrons By R Davy
Officini Stellare By Moggi
Artscratch By No Noise Reduction

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