Thursday, 1 March 2012

Miscellany: Picasso Is Absent, Waiting For Umiliani, Not To Be Read Now, Roland Topor, Funkadelic...

“If you know exactly what you are going to do then what is the point in doing it?” ~ Picasso

Picasso isn't in the dictionary (the Microsoft Word one which underlines absent words in red) - neither's Miro, van Gogh, Cezanne, Duchamp ... Cook is though, I mean Beryl, but perhaps that's a coincidence...
Should I be surprised at this? Michelangelo's in it. Or did I add that? Probably not since I can't recall ever having typed the name before. Then again, who can remember every name they ever typed into a computer? Isn't it about time they updated the dictionary to include artists who worked after the 16th century? Gauguin is there. Paolozzi? No. (Note to self, stop trying).

As you may have gathered by the clue in quote form, I have no idea what I'm going to do - here - with this space.


Currently waiting:

You can't have enough Umiliani in your life. Unless you have every great record he which case, you have enough.


Currently stuck for reading, despite the height of the To Be Read pile. But that's the thing, isn't it? There may be a stack to read but sometimes you're not in the mood for any of them. Got any suggestions? On second thoughts a) that's a stupid question because you don't know what I've read, or my taste in literature, and b) don't bother. I say this because you wouldn't only came here to nab a go away...or, if you got this far, you may be interested in more of my Musings, in which case, look around...although, I confess, this kind of aimless musing isn't going to sell you the idea that I have anything interesting, informative, wise or useful to now you can go away.....


Finished Roland Topor's The Tenant recently, the last good book I read. I could relate to parts of it - the noise & neighbours scenario, not the waking up wearing make-up and a frock. As I write, the woman upstairs is banging something into her floor - shame it's not her tongue. Yes, problems with her, but since I don't live in a building filled with people hell bent on driving me nuts, there the comparison with Monsieur Trelkovsky ends. This is just as well because throwing myself out of the (ground floor) window would only result in a few bruises.


Finally, some music. I didn't pick this, YouTube recommended it. 'They' know me well....

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