Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mercury Boosts Writing Skills

                        This is your month to shine,
                                                                                                                                and out,
                         as the sun begins its journey towards your birth sign.
                                           This can unearth hidden truths and talents.
                   Best of all,
                                                     you can start living a life
                                          that's tailor-made for you.
                 This fires up ideas and the energy to move them on.
                       With mind master Mercury
         also on form for you,
                            even subjects or skills you've found hard
                                   seem so easy to learn.
                                                     It's total makeover time!
                                                         A feel-good moon helps you focus
                                on fitness and
                                          start really making positive changes.
                                                            Venus reminds you who –
                                                                 and what –
                                                you truly value.
                                                                This month's sun energy concentrates on
                                     making all kinds of discoveries and encourages
                              you to find out more about yourself –
                                    and the people who really matter.
                                             Venus, in your sign, hands the romance reins right back to you.
                                                                            This is a month to focus
                                on your highest hopes
              and revive ambitions
              or dreams you shelved.
                                             This time they can happen –
                        Mercury adds public-speaking ability to captivate
                                                                                                           individuals and crowds alike.
                                                                            A prize moon adds luck when you chase
                                             the award that matters most.
                                                       The moon stirs up emotions
                                                at home and major issues can be settled.
                                                              Success all the way for you this month
                             as your ambition sector warms up,
                                                   inspires you with confidence
                  and a special something to make rivals step aside.
                                                 Bosses like your style.
                              If you want it, go get it!
                                                            Shrewd Mercury is onside to make sure you choose your new goals
                                                     From sending off writing
                                           or creative samples,
                                           to adding your name, or numbers, to a prize list.

                  A full moon
                              brings an insight into genuine

                                           There is extra luck lined up and chances to earn more,
                        while you have a strength that stops others piling too much money pressure on you.
                     Venus increases intuition to transform your love life.
                 Venus reminds you even fiery love can burn out.
                            Ideas worked out with friends, or community projects, can be especially lucky.
                                                  Photos or documents that link the past and present
                           reveal secret talents
                       and show you how to use them.
                                    As the month unfolds, you will become more adventurous
              and seize your opportunities. You can feel your horizons widen.
             Adding your name to a study or travel list can be just the start.
                 Approaching a group linked to fitness or learning can take you
                                                                                                                           faster than going it
                                The world is waiting, you are ready.
                   Mercury's input is an ability to trust your judgment and stick with it.
                                      Full-moon magic turns ideas into money-makers.
                          As Venus hits the top of your chart,
              passion dreams can turn real.
            In a month of high demands,
                         make sure
                             you stick to
           a healthy lifestyle plan.
                       If you've been mulling over big family changes,
                           in money
             or responsibility, this is the month you can make them happen.
                              And you can start, and stay, in control of any shared projects.
              Mercury's planning skills slice through red tape so a celebration or a sale get a calendar slot.
                                                Venus takes your love life on a voyage of discovery.
                              Passion planet Venus is calm and committed and
                    helps you make love choices that work  for you.
                                                                       Venus focuses on commitment and this
                                                                              sets deeply passionate feelings free.
                                        Venus enters your healing zone,
                                  enabling so many past promises to be fulfilled.
                          Venus moves to your zone of pure romance
              and love is blissful.
          Venus is in your partnership chart
                                       so life pledges are much easier to make –
                             and keep.

                                                                           You have a deeper understanding of life
                       and the way other people's minds work,
                                          helping you to handle even difficult individuals.
                    You are firm but fair.
           The full moon lights up the hidden part of your chart and helps to resolve doubts.
                                     Your career chart is starting to look good and a time
                   of waiting can be over.
                             Mercury steps up, too,
                to make the kind of practical plan
       that gets results –
                         and you have an inbuilt efficiency that gives others confidence in you.
            Friends surprise you
                              with winning ideas, too.
                                                                          Get ready for a month of changes in
                                                       how you think
                                                          and what action you take –
                       you are ready to test your luck on every level.
                                            You don't just sense opportunity is out there,
           you know you have to use it or lose it.
                                 A full moon in your fame chart adds starry inspiration.
                     All uncertainty can go,
                                       and you feel ready
                                                    to push family decisions through,
                       as the sun begins its journey
                            towards the homelife part of your chart.

                                  want to
                                           or love
                        in a new place
                                                 then this can happen –
                  and that much-missed face could return.

                                                                              Mercury's role is to put love
                             before pride
             and hopes of learning a new language can speed up.
                      You don't just have great ideas this month,
                       you put them
                                                               ways –
                                                     especially if speaking or singing your own words is part of your dreams.

                                                                                            Mercury boosts writing skills
                      and helps you
                                                   by asking the right questions at the right time.
                                                                            If someone matters to you,
                      don't assume he,
                         or she, knows it –
                    say it!
                                                             You are ready
                                                  to know
                                            how much
                                  you achieve,
                                       as the sun finishes its journey in your sign then moves to your money chart.
                                    to make good cash choices
                                                                                              and Mercury makes sure they last.
                               As Venus visits your cool-thinking chart,
                  you make switched-on love decisions.

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