Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Something Kind Of Urgh

It was pure chance that lead me to listen to Girls Aloud. What else could have caused the self-inflicted misery? This morning I just happened to get in the same lift as the girl holding up her MP3 player, inadvertently showing me that she was listening to a song called 'Something Kinda Oooh'.

It's rare to get a peek into someone else's sound world. I was curious, and yes, we know what curiosity did; in this case, it probably killed a few brain cells. Being culturally astute I reasoned that a title like that wasn't going to turn out to be a piece of avant-garde electronic music, or Free Jazz. So I Googled it. Worse still, dear reader, I played the track, by Girls Aloud. Yes, it serves me right, I know. But I didn't play it all, only about a minute, which is more than any sane person would endure, I admit. Despite the clue in the title and despite knowing that most people listen to absolute garbage I was still disappointed, which must mean that somewhere deep inside I'm an optimist.

Below is a new upload. I've put it onto my MP3 player and intend to watch out for that girl in the future. I'm going to make sure I get in the same lift as her and show her what I'm listening to. I hope she'll be as curious as I was, and Google 'Timesteps' in the hope that it's a Pop sensation.


  1. There are four O's in Ooooh. Get it right or else I'll Cheryl might do you over in the bogs. She's like that.

    1. A deliberate mistake designed to evoke the wrath of GO fans such as yourself. Ha!


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