Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Drexciya: Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller 1 - Arne Nordheim: Electric

It's been a very Drexciyan day, by which I don't mean I've been to Positron Island, or mixing with Mutant Gillmen, and as the New Year starts it wouldn't be good to be Drifting Into A Time Of No Future. I have, as you've probably guessed, been listening to the newly-released compilation 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller 1'. To say it's good would be an understatement, to say it's The Best Album Ever would be overstating things and so, summoning all my critical and literary powers, I'll boldly state that IT IS BRILLIANT. But if you know Drexciya you'll know that. If you don't, I suggest you take a trip on Doctor Blowfin's Water Cruiser and, er, dive in.

Another form of Deep, Arne Nordheim's 'Electric' album, consisting of 5 tracks recorded between '68 and '70. There are more ideas in 'Polypoly' (1970) alone than most artists manage in a lifetime. By 'ideas', I mean components, perhaps, or simply imagination, since Nordheim's sonic universe is profoundly creative, having as he does a world of sound at his disposal, to splice and dice according to his muse. Chants, a baby crying, transistorised voice, a crow (?), a crowd, gunfire, breaking glass, military command, orchestras, rocket blast, a child coughing...an amazing tapestry tied together by electronic sound. It's like tuning in to life on earth from a distant planet. Listen Hear.

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