Sunday, 1 January 2012

Carry On Screwing & A Happy New Year

LJ and me spent most of New Year's Eve screwing, and we intend to start 2012 the same way, so I don't have much time to post today. Yes, there's another chest of drawers to assemble. Well, at least we're beginning the year constructively.

What a year that was! I wrote a ground-breaking work of fiction, Chelsea won the Premiership, Sun Ra came back to visit me one night and revealed the secrets of the universe, money poured into my account and Include Me Out was generally recognised by leading cultural critics (and Simon Reynolds) as one of the best blogs around - phew! Or did I only imagine it all?

Resolutions? I've made a few. I have two new projects in the pipeline and will be starting them very soon. A long work of fiction and another blog. By 'blog' I simply mean using Blogger to host the project. These may impact on the frequency with which I post here, or not, depending on how I manage my time. How do we manage time? As Rip Rig & Panic once said, it is a 'trick of the mind' after all. When Chelsea are winning 1-0 with only extra-time to play those minutes feel like hours. When we need time to 'stretch' it invariably shrinks. I'm sure you've noticed this. If not, consider me a wise man. You are probably five-years-old.

Excuse me, it's only 8am. Another resolution: MUST NOT TRY TO WRITE WHEN MY BRAIN IS ASLEEP.

Thank you for reading this blog. It will continue to be a repository for various things which interest me. Hopefully our interests will coincide sometimes.

I appreciate you regular readers (both of you) for remaining loyal. And to those visitors looking for information about courgettes, I offer my apologies.


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