Tuesday, 13 December 2011

On Nothing

I once wrote an essay called ‘The History Of Nothing’ in an English lesson at school. I’m sure it went down well. I don’t recall the teacher’s response. I don’t recall anything I learnt at school, except to avoid the bully who went ‘round grabbing kid’s ties and using the same clenched fist to hit them under the jaw. It was that kind of school.

Nothing happened this afternoon. I’m in the bunker...neither door bell nor telephone rang.

I changed Scribble Electric (see tag above) to Dynamic View. I expect Nothing will happen as a result. A couple more visits, perhaps. Well, that would be Something.

Viewing my life positively, Nothing happening is better than terrible Somethings happening, such as illness, an accident, bad news etc.

Nothing comes to mind right now.

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