Friday, 23 December 2011

Moon Pool & Dead Band plus Ekoplekz

Do androids have nightmares about electric sheep? Having fallen asleep in the corner of a trashy club on a distant planet whilst the DJ plays mutant Disco with worn-out needles over a fucked-up sound system this is what they’d hear. It’s that good. Nate Young and Dave Shettler (s)mash up the dance floor good and proper on this brilliant album (untitled, by the way). With Moroderesque rhythms, motorik madness and muffled bass, this last dance at the dystopian disco is a devilish delight.

Another Album of the Year: Memowrekz by Ekoplekz.  I couldn’t see 2011 out and not mention this masterpiece of raw rhythm and noise by the hardest working man in show business....heh-heh. Prolific, and producer of pure quality, Nick Edwards is rightfully got the recognition he deserves this year. 


  1. Did you know your blog is astonishingly good stuff? I suspect you know this but just in case....

  2. Thanks very much for saying so. Your comment is much appreciated.


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