Thursday, 15 December 2011

Interplanetary Music - 20 Essential Albums Part 3

We enter the realms of library music, with the far more cerebral and 'serious' Mr Subotnick also in the mix, although as regular readers will know, I take library music as seriously as anything else when it's as good as 'Futurissimo'. I uploaded 'Space Talk' and 'Interpianeti' specially for this series. That's how much I love you. I'm sure the feeling's mutual. 

11. Lunar Probe - Various (1967)

There are two versions of this knocking about; a ten-inch and the one I have, which contains 26 tracks. I found it in digital 'space', which seems appropriate. The ten-inch is harder to find than intelligent life Out There. 'Old Timey Spaceship Race' is 42secs of madness, whilst longer tracks such as Francois Bayle's 'Andromede' and Nino Nardini's 'Le Danse le Cosmetes' are just fantastic. The latter sounding like a primitive transmission from a distant galaxy, as much of it does, being simple but incredibly atmospheric sketches in acoustic and electric sound.

12. Silver Apples Of The Moon - Morton Subotnick (1967)

I feel I no need to say anything about this. So I won't.

13. Musique Pour Le Futur - Nino Nardini (1970)

An amazing album in every way, delivering on all fronts from brain-raking synth drama to easier celestial charms which hark back to the 50s. And the underwater birth of Drexciya in the form of 'Decouverte Lunaire', I like to think. You probably won't.

14. Astrofisica - Various Artists (?)

First-rate Italian library excursion into the outer reaches of the audio cosmos.

15. Futurissimo - Egisto Macchi (1971)

A work of genius in IM. Electro-orchestral brilliance. 

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